Impignorate - to pawn or mortgage something.

In a sentence...

This economy is so bad that people are being forced to impignorate a lot of their precious collectibles.


Zenzizenzizenzic - The eighth power of a number.

In a sentence...

The zenzizenzizzenzic of 4 is 65,536.


Snickersnee - A large knife or cleaver

In a sentence...

Have you heard about that Halloween murderer that has been killing people with a snickersnee?


Scintillate - To emit sparks or shine

In a sentence...

That fire sure is scintillating with all that pine in there.


Pogonotrophy - the act of beard-growing

In a sense...

I have decided to take up pogonotrophy, but my wife still thinks it's a really bad idea!


Quadragintesimal - In forty parts

In a sentence...

That last play by the obscure director ending up being a Quadragintesimal it was so long!


Gargalesis - Forceful tickling

In a sentence...

I am sure no one really appreciates gargalesis, even if it is alright in the beginning.


A grossly fat or obese woman

In a sentence...

Can you believe those fustilugs on Jerry Springer, put down the chicken and step away!


A chimney's corner.

In a sentence...

A important part of the sweepers job is to make sure they properly clean the inglenook.


Anglewitch - A worm that is used as bait in fishing.

In a sentence...

Hey son can you pass me that anglewitch quickly these fish are really biting today!