Impignorate - to pawn or mortgage something.

In a sentence...

This economy is so bad that people are being forced to impignorate a lot of their precious collectibles.


Zenzizenzizenzic - The eighth power of a number.

In a sentence...

The zenzizenzizzenzic of 4 is 65,536.


Snickersnee - A large knife or cleaver

In a sentence...

Have you heard about that Halloween murderer that has been killing people with a snickersnee?


Scintillate - To emit sparks or shine

In a sentence...

That fire sure is scintillating with all that pine in there.


Pogonotrophy - the act of beard-growing

In a sense...

I have decided to take up pogonotrophy, but my wife still thinks it's a really bad idea!


Quadragintesimal - In forty parts

In a sentence...

That last play by the obscure director ending up being a Quadragintesimal it was so long!


Gargalesis - Forceful tickling

In a sentence...

I am sure no one really appreciates gargalesis, even if it is alright in the beginning.


A grossly fat or obese woman

In a sentence...

Can you believe those fustilugs on Jerry Springer, put down the chicken and step away!


A chimney's corner.

In a sentence...

A important part of the sweepers job is to make sure they properly clean the inglenook.


Anglewitch - A worm that is used as bait in fishing.

In a sentence...

Hey son can you pass me that anglewitch quickly these fish are really biting today!



An analogue computer designed to model a national economy.

In a sentence...

If only The United States would have plugged in that financephalograph before this latest recession we would have been fine!


Aucupate - To go bird watching or bird hunting.

In a sentence...

The photographer decided to go to the park to aucupate, he came back with some great shots!


Fornicate means...

To have sexual intercourse before you are "married",or even after you may have been divorced.
(is a sin)

Basically when your not married and you have sex, that is a sin as far as Roman Catholics are concerned.
If you have sexual intercourse while your married, it would then mean you committed a sin called

Not a thing I would be proud of "adultery?"
But I've never been married or cheated.
As hard as it may be to believe.
It's all true.

ev a nesce(ev'e nes')

v.t. nesced, nesc ing To disappear by degrees; vanish.[L e- out +vanescere vanish]


Friable Definition: Easily crumbled or pulverized

In a sentence...

Those dead dry leaves we collected seem to be very friable.


Chirocracy - A government that is run on physical force.

In a sentence...

Some people would argue that China has always been a chirocracy.


Pulchritudinous - beautiful or gorgeous

In a sentence...

That young actress in the movie we just saw was quite pulchritudinous!


The science of defining technical terms.

In a sentence...

A book worm or nerd might enjoy a job practicing orismology.


levator- A muscle that raises an organ or part.

The Doctor checked all of his patiences levators.