A form of bus use for sightseeing trips many years ago.

In A Sentence...

In Europe Charabanc used to roam the land taking tourists all around.


Drunken or addicted to alcohol or wine.

In A Sentence...

That bum that is always hanging around here is a real vinolent, he goes through a bottle a day!



Used in laughing or inclined to laugh

In A Sentence...

I laughed so much during that stand-up act that my gelastic muscles are killing me!


Showing patriotism in a warlike way...

In a sentence...

Mel Gibson showed great jingoism in several of his movies.


A skilled dinner-table conversationalist...

In A Sentence...

Your new boyfriend really is quite the diepnosophist, he actually kept me interested throughout the entire meal!


Exaggerated Or Ridiculous Sorrow

Also to be considered gloomy

In A Sentence...

That money grubbing gold digger has been acting very lugubrious ever since her husband of 1 month kicked the bucket!


Something that is not necessary or could be considered wasteful.
First emerged in a New York Times article in 1935.

In A Sentence...

Our government is just one big Boondoggle.

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1. To make distinct or clear.
2. The meaning or significance of a word, phrase, etc.
3. The clarity of a picture or audio piece

In a sentence....

I explained the definition of the word in front of my class in school today.
This high definition television blows my mind with it's clarity!