Communication with the dead

In a sentence...

Witches are sometimes accused of practicing necromancy.


To howl, wail, or lament loudly

In a sentence...

The fans at the football game screamed in ululation as the running back fumbled on the last play of the game!


This word is actually the longest word in the english language!

Floccinaucinihilipilification means the act of estimating as worthless

In A Sentence...

As the housing market gets hammering many subprime loans as in the process of floccinaucinihilipilification.


Full of wounds or wounded

In a sentence...

The vulnerose soldiers came back from battle a bloody mess.


The ejection of something or someone through a window.

In A Sentence...

During the stock market crash of the 1920s there were a lot of defenestrations as people completely went nuts.


Definition: Fear of sunlight

In A Sentence... Dracula is the one person that without a doubt suffers from helophobia!


Dactylonomy the art of counting on the fingers.

In a sentence...

My boss is no mathematician, in fact I think the only thing he has mastered is dactylonomy!


Too be boastful or talk a big talk

In A Sentence....

Many of the athletes in today's NFL have a bit of a rodomontade problem!


Frigorific: To cause chills or cold feeling

In a sentence...

Just looking outside at all that snow gives me a frigorific feeling all day!


Bright and showy,esp. in a gaudy or vulgar manner.
-Syn. flashy, ornate, tawdry, cheap, ostentatious.


The fear of the number 13.

In a sentence...

You could say the most architects on most building in America have a bit of triskaidekaphobia as most building simply skip the 13th floor!


Definition: A person who compiles or solves crossword puzzles.

In A Sentence...

The New York Times must have a ton of cruciverbalists working for it!


Vaccimulgence: The act of milking cows.

In A Sentence...

One of the first things ever new farm worker should learn is the art of vaccimulgence.


Myxomata: A tumor that usually forms directly under the skin and is filled with jellylike material.

Gross! : )

In A Sentence....

Oh my word that myxomata growth on the side of that guy's face is absolutely disgusting!



Addicted to bloodshed or war

In A Sentence...

Some of the people in war torn countries can develop sanquinolency.


1) To cause (a crime,fault, etc.) to appear less serious or offensive.
2)To relieve the symptoms of without curing, as a disease.


A form of bus use for sightseeing trips many years ago.

In A Sentence...

In Europe Charabanc used to roam the land taking tourists all around.


Drunken or addicted to alcohol or wine.

In A Sentence...

That bum that is always hanging around here is a real vinolent, he goes through a bottle a day!



Used in laughing or inclined to laugh

In A Sentence...

I laughed so much during that stand-up act that my gelastic muscles are killing me!


Showing patriotism in a warlike way...

In a sentence...

Mel Gibson showed great jingoism in several of his movies.


A skilled dinner-table conversationalist...

In A Sentence...

Your new boyfriend really is quite the diepnosophist, he actually kept me interested throughout the entire meal!


Exaggerated Or Ridiculous Sorrow

Also to be considered gloomy

In A Sentence...

That money grubbing gold digger has been acting very lugubrious ever since her husband of 1 month kicked the bucket!


Something that is not necessary or could be considered wasteful.
First emerged in a New York Times article in 1935.

In A Sentence...

Our government is just one big Boondoggle.

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1. To make distinct or clear.
2. The meaning or significance of a word, phrase, etc.
3. The clarity of a picture or audio piece

In a sentence....

I explained the definition of the word in front of my class in school today.
This high definition television blows my mind with it's clarity!