Definition: Fear of sunlight

In A Sentence... Dracula is the one person that without a doubt suffers from helophobia!


Dactylonomy the art of counting on the fingers.

In a sentence...

My boss is no mathematician, in fact I think the only thing he has mastered is dactylonomy!


Too be boastful or talk a big talk

In A Sentence....

Many of the athletes in today's NFL have a bit of a rodomontade problem!


Frigorific: To cause chills or cold feeling

In a sentence...

Just looking outside at all that snow gives me a frigorific feeling all day!


Bright and showy,esp. in a gaudy or vulgar manner.
-Syn. flashy, ornate, tawdry, cheap, ostentatious.


The fear of the number 13.

In a sentence...

You could say the most architects on most building in America have a bit of triskaidekaphobia as most building simply skip the 13th floor!